And We’re Back to Blogging…

I have had a couple of blogs. This was my first blog. I liked Blogspot and I captured some great memories there, but the site design left me uninspired.

My first WordPress site was great – it looked way better than my first blog and I was writing more frequently. The site was hosted by Yahoo and then they got out of the web hosting business and I lost all of my content.

I lost my Mom in 2012 and it took me some time to finally come back to writing and sharing. Life is so precious and filled with ups and downs. Challenges. Heartbreak. Circumstances. During the past five years, I have learned to try and be open to change and keep pushing on and pushing forward even when your feet feel like lead and you can’t take one more step.

The moments – good or bad – shape you and tell your unique story. I want this blog to be  a place for me to journal my thoughts and share my experiences. I hope to tell a story through words and photography as I love both mediums. One day I just might venture into video storytelling. The topics will range from life, love, food and travel. Thanks for stopping by.

Best wishes,